About Japanese Car Auctions

Learn about Japanese Car auctions here. We cover all the basics for you to eliminate any misconceptions. 

About Japan Car Auctions

Everything You Need to Know About Japan Car Auctions

Introduction to Japanese Car Auctions. This is my simple discovery.

Japan auto auctions provide a unique opportunity for people all over the world to purchase high-quality used cars directly from Japan. With an established reputation for reliability and durability, Japanese vehicles have gained immense popularity among car enthusiasts worldwide. In this section, we will delve into the basics of Japan car auctions, their significance, and how they offer a convenient platform for buyers both domestically and globally.

However most domestic car buyers here in Japan tend to buy direct from dealers.

Japan Auto Auctions and Access

How to Participate in Japan Car Auction

Participating in Japan car auctions may seem daunting at first, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process. However, it is relatively straightforward once you understand the key steps involved. In this section, we will guide you through the necessary procedures, including finding a trusted auction agent, registration requirements, and the overall bidding process.


This is where Auto Trader Imports can support you. Contact us here for Auto Auction Access.

After contacting us and gaining access it will then be time to start bidding and to pay a bidding deposit here.

We will guide you the entire way if you are new to this.

Japanese Car Auctions - Cars for sale in Japan

Benefits of Buying Cars from Japan Auctions

Buying cars from Japanese auctions offers numerous advantages that attract buyers from different corners of the globe. From the wide variety of vehicle options to competitive prices, there are several reasons why purchasing from Japan auctions can be beneficial. Japanese cars are plentiful and normally late models with low klm and can be bought via the auctions at good prices due to the fact they are traded for small money here in Japan.


The Japanese car owner normally takes enormous pride in car ownership and will do frequent maintenance to keep the car in tip-top order. This will be passed on to you when you buy the car via the auction system.

Note that many European cars are also available via the auction system and many will be in Left Hand Drive which makes them attractive to the US and European markets.

The benefit of buying cars from Japanese Car auctions

Popular Car Auction Sites in Japan

When it comes to Japanese car auctions, there are various renowned auction sites that serve as platforms for buying and selling vehicles which we have listed below. Each site has its specialties, auction schedules, and unique features.


By examining the popular car auction sites in Japan, this section will provide valuable insights into where you can find the largest auction houses with the most diverse range of vehicles.


To do this you must start at the left of the page and work across. USS group is by far the people’s popular choice by sheer volume alone. However, for auction agents, it’s hell due to the size and fees associated with buying from there.

When joining our service we provide you with access to every auction listed below. You don’t need anything else.

USS Auction Group

  • USS Tokyo
  • USS Nagoya
  • USS Osaka
  • USS Saporro
  • USS Tohoku
  • USS Yokohama
  • USS Kyushu
  • USS Okayama
  • USS R-Nagoya
  • USS Saitama
  • USS Kobe
  • USS Niigata
  • USS Hokuriku
  • USS Gunma
  • USS Shizuoka
  • USS HAA-Kobe

+ USS is tied up with some lesser high-profile auctions

Iauc Well-Known Auctions

  • CAA Tokyo
  • CAA Gifu
  • CAA Chubu
  • JU Tokyo
  • JU Saitama
  • JU Gifu
  • JU Mie
  • JU Nagano
  • JU Okinawa
  • JU Shizuoka
  • JU Yamaguchi
  • JU Aomori
  • JU Fukui
  • JU Aichi
  • JU Hiroshima
  • JU Fukushima
  • JU Gunma
  • JU Kanagawa

Iauc JU Continued

  • JU Toyama
  • JU Miyazaki
  • JU Fukuoka
  • JU Miyagi
  • JU Chiba
  • JU Niigata
  • JU Tochigi
  • JU Hokkaido
  • JU Shimane
  • JU Gifu
  • JU Nara
  • JU Yamagata
  • JU Yamanashi
  • Mirive Saitama
  • Arai Sendai
  • Arai Bayside
  • Zip Osaka
  • Zip Tokyo

Iauc Continued

  • IAA Osaka
  • Bayauc
  • LAA Shikoku
  • Hero
  • Orix
  • Zero
  • Mirive Osaka
  • KCAA
  • IMA
  • NAA (nissan)
  • TAA (toyota)
  • Arai Oyama
  • LUM
  • AEP
  • SAA (suzuki)
  • Sogo

Some of these lesser auctions we never use and hence the end of our list.

Tips for Bidding in Japan Car Auctions 

Bidding in Japan auto auctions requires careful planning and strategy to successfully secure your desired vehicle with the help of a professional auction agent. With a few essential tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of winning bids and ultimately own your dream car from Japan.


The following sections will unveil some useful tips for bidding effectively in Japanese auto auctions and help you navigate the competitive bidding environment.


These auctions are quite unique. Firstly they are what is known as blind auctions. This means we do not know the seller’s reserve price. We must simply bid until it starts selling and then it’s the highest bidder who wins. Our budget is either strong enough or it’s not.

If you use our bidding service you will not pay any tax to us as many other agents make you pay and you pay exactly what the car sells for. We do not use your entire budget so you are 100% in good hands.

USS Tokyo Car Auction

Understanding the Japan Car Auction Process and Your Auction Agent

To fully comprehend and navigate through the auctions, it is crucial to grasp the overall auction process, including the different stages involved. From inspection reports to auction grading systems, understanding how the auctions operate will empower you as a buyer.


These auctions are all electronic and agents can bid at the auction or from the luxury of their living room if they desire. It is not possible for you the buyer to physically bid even if the website you use says something like input your bid.


If you see anything like this prepare for the fact that there is a human on the end bidding for you and most likely the agent who told you that you have the highest bid. The more the agent gets you to pay the more money they stand to make. Make sure you get a copy of the sold price on the auction sheet immediately. This is a service we provide every one of our customers with our full disclosure and transparency policy.


Your agent has worked you up well to reduce the chances of you and the auction agent losing your target car. Don’t get caught in this frenzy or you may buy something that you possibly paid a little too much for.

Where to find a trustable Japan Auction Agent

Finding Affordable Cars in Japan Auctions

One of the key reasons why people turn to Japanese car auctions is the opportunity to find affordable vehicles without compromising on quality. Whether you are searching for a budget-friendly option, or seeking a cost-effective business investment, Japan auctions offer an extensive range of affordable cars.


The advent of technology has further expanded the reach and accessibility of these Japan Auction Houses. Online platforms like ours now enable buyers to participate in auctions from the comfort of their homes, making the entire process more convenient and accessible. Virtual bidding as you are doing has revolutionized the way auctions are conducted globally.


As you are aware cars come in various makes, models, and conditions, which requires the auctions to cater to a diverse range of buyer preferences. Understanding the types of vehicles available, their condition reports, and the significance of auction grades is paramount when exploring Japanese auctioned cars. 

Explore our auction sheet translation page here.

USS Nagoya Auction Hall

Conclusion: Unlocking Opportunities at Japan Car Auctions

Japan car auctions serve as a gateway for individuals worldwide to access high-quality, low-mileage Japanese, European, and American used vehicles at competitive prices. The opportunities presented by these auctions are unparalleled, attracting car enthusiasts, private buyers, car dealers, and business owners. By understanding the ins and outs of Japanese car auctions and leveraging the valuable information provided in this article, you can unlock a world of possibilities and make your car-buying experience an unforgettable one.


The main thing is to find a trustworthy and reliable auction agent and yes we do harp on about it as we are emailed every week by folk who have met some dude who knows a dude who imported a car and it was not what they expected. Remember this. Every Auction Agent in Japan wants your business and will pee on the other guy to get it as the business is steadily shrinking, and it’s you that they want.


Yes, I want your business also, and in saying that I have nearly 30 years of experience importing and exporting cars from Japan. I have made enough over these years which allows me to actually keep doing this for fun and to keep me motivated. By keeping involved and proactive I have also kept the costs down and our fees have not been affected by inflation for nearly 15 years. Full disclosure and transparency for all clients. Get in touch.

Graeme Cooke Auction Agent & Car Exporter

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