Agent Fees

What is an Agent Fee and why we have one?

Agent Fees in Japan

Lets Discuss Agent Fees

Buying cars in Japan from auction is a great way to provide you with access to thousands of vehicles on a weekly basis and ultimately save you some well earned money.

Yes initially its a process, but with our support along the way, you will quickly see that it’s easy and furthermore going to be a very enjoyable ride so to speak.

Below we will outline the fee structure based upon your price range of vehicle and deposit basis required.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a full explanation and to ask any additional questions you may have. Please read all and get in touch as we mentioned if you have any doubts or require additional info.

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What Is An Auction Agent?

The term Auction Agent has been used for many years and some say was coined by a New Zealander back in the early 90s.

An Auction Agent is someone either male or female that has membership to 1 or more vehicle auctions in Japan. In our instance we are members of all auctions.

This Auction Agent can buy cars for their customer directly from the auction as you the customer lacks membership and cant buy direct.

To Buy A Car From Auction In Japan You Need An Agent

Why Does The Agent Charge A Fee?

Do you know that when any car is purchased in Japan your Auction Agent must pay multiple fees on your behalf to get this car moving on its way to you before he or she makes even $1.

The agent must share up to 80% of any fee starting with. 1. Auction Fee 2. Transport To Port 3. Consumption Tax 4. Recycle 5. Port Service Fee 6. Admin, DHL, Time, BOL 7. Car Tax 8. Auction Membership including Ninja (if they are members which we are)

All These Bodies Need Feeding By The Auction Agent

Fees 0¥ - 999,999¥

0 - 999,999¥
1,000,000¥ - 1,499,999¥
1,500,000¥ - 1,999,999¥
2,000,000¥ - 2,499,999¥
2,500,000¥ - 2,999,999¥
3,000,000¥ - 3,499,999¥
3,500,000¥ - 3,999,999¥
4,000,000¥ - 4,499,999¥
4,500,000¥ - 4,999,999¥

Fees 5,000,000¥ - 9,999,999¥

5,000,000¥ - 5,499,999¥
5,500,000¥ - 5,999,999¥
6,000,000¥ - 6,499,999¥
6,500,000¥ - 6,999,999¥
7,000,000¥ - 7,499,999¥
7,500,000¥ - 7,999,999¥
8,000,000¥ - 8,499,999¥
8,500,000¥ - 8,999,999¥
9,000,000¥ - 9,499,999¥
9500,000¥ - 9,999,999¥
10,000,000¥ - 10,499,999¥

Fees 10,000,000¥ - and Over

Fees 10,000,000 JPY and over will be considered on an individual per-car basis and according to payment terms on a per-client basis.

Many factors come into play when buying cars in this price range such as.

  • Deposit
  • Client, Agent Relationship
  • Trust
  • Type Of Vehicle
  • Shipping Availabilaty
  • Time Until Bidding
  • Mutual Agreement

In the case of any car over the value of 10,000,000 JPY a deposit of 10% will be requested unless the terms above are agreed upon first. 

 The normal fee in these cases will be 290,000 JPY. This fee increases as the price of the vehicle increases accordingly.

Additional Fees

From time to time some cars will incur additional fees. These are normally discussed prior to purchase but others will fall into the unknown file and be marked with an *

1.Some auctions such as Sapporo do not have a port and need to be transported inland incurring an additional fee. 

2.Classic, Vintage, Hyper & Super Cars, Lowered and Cars with Damage or oil leaks may incur additional fees. *

3.Maybe you need some job request on the vehicle that is beyong the scope of the agent fee. *

4.Negotiation. This happens if your car does not sell and we have a chance to negotiate after auction.

5. The port will store cars free for up to 40 days. If the shipping is delayed you will be charged whatever the daily rate is from that port. 

* (normally about 500JPY per day)

6. Auction disputes and vehicle breakdowns are on a case by case basis.

Whats Included In The Agent Fee

Whats Not Included In The Agent Fee

The items we have listed below are all included within your agent fee when using out service.

  • Auction Fee
  • Inland Transport Up To 10,000 JPY
  • Admin
  • Port Service Fee
  • Consumption Tax
  • Recycle Fee
  • Radiation Check
  • Port Photos
  • Auction Access

Some items fall out from the scope of our agent fee and need to be noted. They could result from, auction locations, car make and age, car height, shipping, extra client requests, acts of god, etc.

  • Additional transport costs over 10,000 JPY
  • Shipping delays
  • Port Storage fee
  • Negotiation fee
  • Vanning
  • Additional client requests
  • Breakdowns
  • Auction Disputes
  • Shipping Fee (on another page)
Consumption Tax

Any agent charging you consumption tax is cheating you. As a true auction agent with a limited liabilaty company we can claim the tax back once a car is exported.

Find another agent real fast

Not Based In Japan

If your agent is not based in Japan they must be paying another real agent in Japan to inspect and bid on cars on their behalf. Go direct to Japan and safe yourself money today.

Charge For Maintenance

Auction agents do not normally service cars or in some cases may never see your car. Procceed with caution.

Other Fees Listed Above + An Agent Fee

Quite simly put. If you are paying all fees in Japan as we have listed above plus an agent fee do not buy from these people. 

Whatever type of motoring you are into we can find the car to suit your needs. From Classic Cars to JDM Imports and more we provide access to it all for you here. At Auto Trader Imports we are one of the original exporters of used cars from Japan to multiple countries globally. Try Us Today
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